Sustainable hotels in Málaga certify Made in Málaga, adapting to change and connecting

In Spain, companies like Made in Malaga Demonstrate their interest in the opportunity to obtain Certification of sustainable hotels in Málaga, adapting to change and communication. The purpose is to assess and demonstrate sustainability levels for hotels, and to convey a commitment to quality accommodation to the community and the environment.

Thanks to innovation and changes to its platform OnlineAnd The accreditation process depends on the opportunity of effective management and the provision of innovative elements to hotel establishments. Made In Málaga achieves this thanks to Bioscore and its technology.

The certification system promoted by Made In Málaga

The goal of Made In Málaga is to promote, promote and support various companies, designers and companies in the region through its platform Online, Providing business networks and training forums to raise the chances of business success and a the shop To sell its members’ products and services. In the case of hotels, the company’s technology specialists assess their level of sustainability in order to position accommodations based on a change or new standard and measure their commitment and impact on society.

This work conveys a commitment to caring for and preserving the environment and society. Made In Málaga offers through its website Prestige of the seal in a much more flexible way, providing its members with a system that allows for continuous improvement and adaptation to gradual social changeIt seeks to change the quality standards of Malaga hotels and to make available to you the most innovative technological tools.

Made in Málaga’s commitment to sustainability

The Spanish company is committed to sustainability and the values ​​of pride, prestige, belonging and excellence in business services. Over time, it was distinguished by its reliable services in terms of improving and advising the management of Andalusian tourist establishments and now also hoteliers. As part of the Made In Málaga commitment, the brand has partnered with technology company Bioscore, an alliance that allows to operate on the basis of sustainable and ecological value..

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Technology has made it possible to include the new software Management and sustainability certificates for hotels and other tourist facilities, with the aim of forming a new tourism model that provides quality and comfort in society and on planet Earth. In short, Made In Málaga’s conscience and work lies in being a spokesperson for Malaga Tourism through the tools of sustainable and reliable development, in collaboration with Bioscore, Where hotel sustainability is no longer an option but a commitment.


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