Thirteen Chinese 007s charged with technology theft in the US -
From Giuseppe Sarsena is a Washington reporter

Among the lines of investigation there are also corruption and “fox hunts”, citizens of Beijing, that is, those responsible for returning citizens residing in the United States to China.

US Attorney General, Merrick GarlandOn Monday, October 24, it was announced that thirteen Chinese, suspected of being agents of active secret services in the United States, have been indicted. He invited Garland to a press conference with his deputy Lisa Monaco Director of the FBI, Christopher Ray. One way is to emphasize a “large-scale” operation against Beijing’s meddling and espionage maneuvers.

Thirteen accused for three lines of investigation

In detail, there are three branches. First, the FBI identified two people, Guoghun He and Zheng Wang, who had attempted to bribe a Department of Justice official. In fact, the Chinese fell into the trap set by the Americans. The official had promised to reveal details of an open investigation with Huawei, the big telecom conglomerate, in the past already at the Judicial Investigation Center. a Chinese pays a bribe of $ 61 thousand; But the court papers were fraudulent and the Justice Department employee was working as a hoax on behalf of the FBI. However, it is not clear if he and Wang were actually caught. Garland then announced the arrest of two other Chinese expats in New York. They were part of a group of seven people accused of “fox hunt”, that is, forcing their comrades residing in the United States to return to China. Finally, four Chinese are accused of attempting to steal advanced technology and equipment, and to contact university professors and other professionals in New Jersey.

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