La Rai tira dritto verso il metaverso: obiettivo innovare la filiera del prodotto integrando lineare e digitale

Augmented reality with reverse as a new challenge for traditional media. Rai does not intend to withdraw from a future perspective – as Il Sole 24 Ore wrote in its release today – it is working on various fronts to transform itself into a future media player.

“The challenge of new technologies and digital transformation is central to Rai. On the one hand, to innovate the product chain, integrating more linear and digital; On the other hand, our offer to citizens, makes it broader, more credible, quality, and more personalized than ever before,” commented Marinella Soldi, President of Ray since July 21 last year.

“One of the most interesting topics under study at the moment is the public service algorithm, for digital presentation, which, unlike the algorithms used by commercial publishers, generates inclusive and does not consider the user as a conditional consumer but as an enriched citizen. Another topic is virtual reality, which allows to significantly enrich the product by reducing costs. AI and QR code are two of the tools that in the not too distant future will be able to make Rai display cases available outside the company,” he added, in the piece taken from Calcio e Finanza.

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