The US Senate has approved a $100 billion investment plan to counter China's technological rise

US Senate Tuesday has agreed A law that provides for a huge investment plan to finance scientific research and development of various sectors that deal with new technologies with the aim of increasing the country’s competitiveness and facing the technological rise of China, among its major economic and political competitors. The law, called the US Innovation and Competition Act, provides for investment of $52 billion (more than €42 billion) to produce semiconductors in the United States, essential components for the microprocessors behind electronics.

Among other things, Several hundred billion dollars It will be invested in the research and development of new oil pipelines in the United States, and in scientific and university research and the study of artificial intelligence. Also, $29 billion (approximately €24 billion) will be allocated to create a new scientific body dealing specifically with applied sciences.

These investments will ensure that the United States does not have to rely on China for the ultimate supply of critical materials for technology in case of scarcity, as it did in 2020 with China. chip. The law was strongly supported by Chuck Schumer, the Democratic senator and Senate Majority Leader, and passed by 68 votes to 32 against. Nineteen Republican senators voted for them, including Mitch McConnell, the Republican senator from Kentucky and Senate minority leader.

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