Whatsapp Prépare Une Nouvelle Protection Qui Bloque Le Transfert De

The problem of spreading and spreading false messages on WhatsApp is under control as some important steps have been implemented. These ensure that the pest is not spread even by users who do so without their knowledge.

Yet Facebook’s messaging service wants to give users even more. To this end, it is now preparing an important innovation that will restrict the transfer of messages to WhatsApp groups.

3 years ago, WhatsApp began to restrict the sending of messages to groups and other users. Therefore, I wanted to control the spread of missing information messages, which should be limited or at least controlled and verified.

Apart from this, it has also started marking these forwarded messages with visual indicators. Indicates whether these were first shared or, conversely, re-shared. This display aims to help AIDS users.

Now, in an attempt to make this process even better, there is something new in the way of WhatsApp. Sending messages to groups will be more restricted and will only be sent to one of the user’s preferences.

This is another novelty that will be tested and it will soon be extended to all users. For now, it is only accessible on Android, but there are definitely plans to bring it to iOS and dedicated desktop versions.

The interesting thing about this WhatsApp change is that there will be no difference in the messages sent earlier. This applies to those marked as having been changed or repeatedly changed.

After the change that only one recipient can send messages at a time, now there is this new feature. This means it is still a point of improvement and WhatsApp is now trying to regain control.

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