À moins de trois ans des JO-2024 de Paris, le comité d’organisation s’est penché mardi sur son programme de 45 000 bénévoles qui seront recrutés à partir de février 2023, ainsi que sur le relais de la flamme olympique. Photo LUCAS BARIOULET / AFP

On the occasion of its first administrative board after the Tokyo Olympics, the Olympic Organizing Committee (Cojo) outlined the main principles of a volunteer program that will welcome spectators at competition venues, for example. These will be volunteers Recruited via a platform open to the public in February 2023explained. This also works with communities that may have their own volunteers, such as the city of Paris.

During a press conference on Monday, the President (PS) of Seine-Saint-Denis, Stéphane Troussel, expressed his desire to see 10,000 volunteers out of the 45,000 from the constituency. ” We are willing to commit to preparing them, to pre-recruit them, and to provide the means » Said Emmanuel Constant, Vice President in charge of Education and the Olympic Games. ” We work on bridges and what can be shared “,” we confirmed at Cojo. ” We will think about it with them We confirmed to the same source.

Olympic torch in each section

The Olympic torch was also on the menu for the day. It is planned to pass in every French province and also in the Overseas Territory. The West Indies, Guadeloupe, and Martinique, and the lands of champions like judoka Teddy Rainer, hold the rope.

2022 will be used to discuss with local communities and finalize, 70 days of the Olympic torch relay, during which it may also be” collective relays The path will be revealed in. Chapter One 2023 ».

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The Cojo board also noted the arrival of Sandrine Martinet, the flag bearer of the French Paralympic team in Tokyo, to replace former Olympic champion Marie-José Peric. principle ” Environmental Excellence Committee ».


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