In Spain, the Green Corridor zero infections are among the lowest in Europe and vaccinations are over 80%.  the secret?  Mild climate and strong trust in doctors

The new wave of pandemic who invest European continent It has caused the health systems to collapse in countries like Bulgaria NS Romania And the return of restrictions in countries such as Austria NS Holland. Much of Europe is in trouble, but others suffer Better resistance from others. Among these stands out Spain which, with an equal incidence 62 approx Every 100,000 residents in the past seven days are in the lowest places for the virus to spread. The Employment rates From the regular and intensive care wards 5 percent In almost all autonomous regions, the number of daily deaths is relatively low. Slight deterioration in the past few weeks Not comparable to the rest of Europe.

The Covid digital certificate (dropped in Italy in green lane) is practically unknown in Spain It is only used to travel abroad, in discos NS big events In Catalonia, in Balearics Ed in Galicia. This measure, adopted by other governments in Europe, did not take off on the Iberian Peninsula for a very simple reason: opposition manifested by Regional Courts They called to express themselves towards him. Many “adventurous” areas like AndalusAnd CantabriaAnd Galicia so Canary Islands They had to do reflect and track your steps. absence Of the green certificate, however, it is offset by another element. over there vaccination coverage pass it 80 percent From the population touched the peaks 99 percent in between above 70. The spread of vaccination is low frequency (and movement No Vax widespread) along with a well-organized vaccination programme. Moreover smallest, albeit to a lesser extent, they were immunized, which contributed to the prevention of some of the disease outbreak in meeting places. The mild weather Preferred meetings in the fresh air And indoor kayaking is not, at least temporarily, against the virus E use masks In public it was never abandoned.

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The strength of the Spanish healthcare system was there a key for success vaccination campaign And the trust that the population nurtures towards medical institutions Create additional positive effects as emphasized by Josep LoperaProfessor of Sociology at the Independent University Madrid. Spaniards traditionally have one strong confidence In vaccines, this situation has resulted Benefits So are the preparations against Covid-19. The data was highlighted by a study conducted byImperial College from London According to up to 79 percent of people positive opinion of the vaccine. The fact that 55 percent of citizens between the ages of 25 and 29 live with a family has strengthened Social solidarity Many young people pushed for vaccinations while frustrating the government’s proactive stance i conspiracies which has been successful elsewhere.

The resumption of the epidemic in Europe with the arrival of the cold It prompted experts to ask themselves some questions about future out of a health emergency. NS Margherita del Val, virologist and member of Supreme Council for Scientific Investigations (Csic) Whom to meet? channel on It has been reported by The Economist“Sooner or later all people will be infected with the Covid-19 virus” and this is not necessarily bad news. In the case of vaccination, it is Asymptomatic infection NS Dear Which will result in “a Strengthen of immunity” and “revival of immune memory.” The scenario is favorable and positive for those who have received the vaccine but although the prospects are good “we must continue to follow up cautiously“What will happen. Manuel Franco, an epidemiologist and researcher at the University of Alcala, warned that the sixth wave may come soon, and perhaps Spain is already immersed in it Cesar Carballo, emergency room doctor, anxiously looking at Christmas Meetings It is proposed to implement covid certificate At restaurants, sporting events and at night to avoid them Serious consequences.

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