Bank deposits with a record growth of US $ 3,358 million in 2021

Savings in the Uruguayan banking system increased in 2021 by unregistered volumesAccording to a report by the Uruguayan Banking Association (AEBU).

According to the document, “BCU figures from 1998 onwards do not show the same level of deposit growth as in 2021. US $ 3,358 million “. The AEBU further stated, “Considering the two years since the outbreak, the increase US $ 6.337 millionAnother record in two years’ time. “

In addition, according to figures released by the BCU, In 2021 the increase in the peso ratio was greater than that of foreign currenciesIn 2020 the same thing will happen upside down – and with even greater difference.

At the end of 2019, an amount equal to the deposit in peso was collected US $ 7.949 millionThis is the size US $ 8,237 million (+ 3.6%) at the end of 2020 and US $ 9,141 million (+ 11.8%) at the end of December 2021.

Similarly, savings in foreign currency have reached the local banking system US $ 22.721 The last month of 2019, grew even more $ 25,412 million (+ 11%) on the same date in 2020 and $ 27,866 million (+ 9.7%) on the same month in 2021.

The AEBU report, on the other hand, criticized growth as “not equal” and said that the most financed accounts experienced the largest increase. “Half of the total growth is explained by the accounts of more than US $ 250 thousand. And if they add Those over US $ 100,000 describe 70% growth. “. Deposits in excess of US $ 100 thousand were just over 60% of the total in February 2020.

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