Petclik Elite: Aswell wins Le Mans by a single blow (81-80)

Andres and Le Mans were outraged at the first match of 2022. MSB, who were two points one point (80-79) at the end and leading by seven tenths, lost to Aswell after two free throws by Eli Okopo.

About ten meters from the Le Mans basket, permission was granted following a controversial whistle against Terry Darby when Villurbannis (13 points, 7 assists) got the ball in the back of the net following Chris Jones’ back-to-back throw. ” If there is a mistake, there is a mistake every three seconds. Nothing as far as I am concerned but we can be satisfied with what we have done Le Mans coach Elric Delord responded on BeIN Sports’s microphone.

“It simply came to our notice then. We needed it. I’m proud of my boys. “

Charles Cahudi’s team suffered a long distance (24 for 5) and tightened the game after the break and ran to the front, not really escaping, but under pressure from Le Mans in the final minutes. Kajami-Keane (13 points, 7 assists) allowed MSB to take a two-point lead in the second half, with Le Mans having the only advantage of the second period. Just before the final turnaround that will allow Villurbannis to claim their second win in a row at Pays de Loire after their win at Cholet (90-85) last Sunday.


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