Epic Games associates great plans with games in terms of quality and quantity two weeks in a row.

This week, on its traditional free-to-play day, Epic Games invites players to discover two titles in its store: Hell other demons And the Overcooked! 2. These two titles will be available until next week. The first is a platform and shooter game that takes you back to the arcade scenes of the 80s.

Overcooked It is a game that can be played in both single player and multiplayer in which you have to combine speed and organization in order to produce dishes befitting a great restaurant. With many, it is a game that aims to be very entertaining. We also recommend Overcooked All You Can Eat on Switch for your vacation with friends.

Epic Games entered fourth place

This Thursday, June 24, these two games will be replaced by two other equally important names. First of all, the title sonic mania will display. If the name of the blue hedgehog is unknown to you, you may already know this opus released in 2017 that honors nostalgia for previous nicknames. The game stays true to itself with pixelated graphics and 2D design.

Finally, the second match shown will be next Thursday Horizon Chase Turbo. It’s also a title that celebrates 80’s and 90’s games, but in a completely different area. It is really a car racing game in which you will have to achieve victory on dozens of different racetracks. As in the previous two matches, Horizon Chase Turbo And the sonic mania It will be available for one week and therefore will be charged again from July 1st.

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