Hamster attention and the summer heat: Valuable advice for their well-being

Hamsters and heat are not a perfect match. How do we help our friends beat the high temperatures?

the Hamsters are small rodents and ideal pets, able to reassure simply thanks to their presence. Like all animals, hamsters also suffer from heat. However, there are some precautions that need to be implemented to help them get better.

Thanks to this trick, your hamster will be just fine – Velvetpets.it

The suitable temperature for them is between 26 and 28 degrees Celsius. Since this temperature is easily exceeded in the warmer months, you need to know a few tricks to help your hamster not suffer.

How to understand that a hamster is suffering from heat and how to intervene

One of the first signs to watch out for is me Appetite-related changesWhere heat can reduce the desire to eat as well as to play and have fun. In fact, too sudden lethargy It must not be ignored.

Other signs could be obvious shortness of breath Which is trying to lower your body temperature and being irritable too – we also get stressed out when it’s too hot.

In addition to, When hamsters sleep on their backs And not curled up in a protective position, as this is one of the main signs that they are struggling. Fortunately there Some little tricks It can make a difference and it can help these adorable little animals have a peaceful summer.

Help your hamster beat the heat – Velvetpets.it

The first thing to do is Turn the air conditioner on to set to 27 and run during the hottest hoursThen in the afternoon and early afternoon. It is important that the hamster cage is not placed directly under the jet of air, as this may cause other problems for the animal.

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In case you don’t have an air conditioner You can use a fan for better air circulation, or even keeping more windows open to generate draft. It would be ideal too Use a dehumidifierAs moisture is more destructive than heat itself.

Another idea is Take the water bottles and leave them in the freezer To make them freeze then place them outside of the hamster’s cage, so the ice cold can dissipate, but without direct contact with their body. It is also important Give proper food to the animal.

Finally, it’s a great idea Find out which room in the house has the least exposure To the sun during the day, so as to put the hamster cage there, and at the same time choose a shaded corner.


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