Boat Olympics:

Today his name is Kimberly, and he is the father of Haley Daniels. At Rio 2016 he was called Duncan. Her Daughter’s Pride: “A History Celebrating Gender Equality”

“This is a story that celebrates gender equality, and gender equality. My father Duncan was an international judge at the 2016 Rio Games, and was confirmed for the role in Tokyo. Surprise…she’s a woman!” These are the words on social networks that Canadian Haley Daniels announced that Kimberly will be among the judges today in the slalom tests in which she participates: the leading transgender judges in games. Kimberly, at Rio 2016, was Haley’s father, Duncan. She became a woman taking advantage of the one-year deferment for games, and she explains, “My goal has always been to be a woman. Now that is the case, and I thank my daughter Hayley who, throughout her career as an athlete, has always fought for gender equality and the rights of people like me. Yes, I am Major. I’m 1.80, have a big hand and play soccer, but now, with the transformation, I’ve lost a lot of muscle mass. The important thing is for people to express themselves.”

“Wonderful trip”

A new point to celebrate once again from her daughter Haley: “The past two years have been an amazing journey for my family through gender fluidity, and we’ve all embraced this moment together #TogetherToTokyo!”.


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