“There’s a tidal wave coming. The Omicron variant can harm you. We have patients with the Omicron variant in the hospital.”. This is how British Prime Minister Boris Johnson addresses citizens in a message urging residents to vaccinate with the third dose to avoid the risk of disrupting the hospital system and having to count. ‘Lots of dead’. In the face of the rapid increase in cases, the UK is raising its alert level for Covid from 3 to 4 on a scale of 5.

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“We know, from the most painful experiences, how these exponential curves can develop. No one should have any doubts. There is a tidal wave coming from Omicron and I am afraid that it is now clear that two doses of the vaccine are not enough to ensure good health. The level of protection But the good news is that our scientists are confident that with a third dose, a booster, we can all increase our level of protection,” says Johnson.

“I know some people will ask if Omicron is less dangerous than the previous variants and if we really need to get the third dose of the vaccine. And the answer is yes. Don’t be mistaken in thinking that Omicron can’t hurt you. It can hurt you. It makes you You and your loved ones are seriously ill.We have already seen double hospital admissions in one week in South Africa. Now we have Omicron patients in hospital here in the UK‘ says the prime minister.

Even if the symptoms from the new variant are milder, “we already know the variant is more transmissible to the extent that increasing Omicron in a population lacking a booster dose may carry the risk of a higher level of hospitalization that can overwhelm our health and lead, unfortunately, to a number of Too many deaths,” says Johnson, in an ad Strengthening the vaccination campaign with the opening of new centers and the use of army teams.

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In England, ‘Plan B’ has been launched with stricter infection control measures. “From tomorrow you have to wear masks in indoor public spaces. Work from home if you can. If Parliament votes for it, from Wednesday to enter clubs and enter mass events” you will need the green lane with a negative pad “if not two doses of the vaccine” “. “These measures – he concludes – will help slow the spread of Omicron. But we must go further: Take the third dose of the vaccine now.”


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