Russia responds to critics and puts General Gerasimov in charge of forces in Ukraine: “This way we will have better coordination”

Valery Gerasimov He puts his shoes on the ground. After he was replaced by Colonel-General Alexander Lapin as chief of staffthe one who until now was in command of the Russian army will command the troops Ukraine. Level jump, they say da fliesto ensure “better coordination” it’s a “Increased efficiency”but also in response to the intolerance of the hardest wing in nationalists for the progression of the dispute, which has been repeatedly described as unsatisfactory, if not disastrous. Thus, eleven months after the start of the military operation and only three months after the general was appointed commander Sergey SurovkinThe Federation is adjusting the Ukrainian match papers again.

The appointment of Gerasimov as the head of the forces involved in the struggle against Kyiv is also a response to another prominent player in this conflict: the founder of the Wagner paramilitary group, Yevgeny PrigozhinHours earlier, it had announced that its militia had occupied the city solidarIn the Donbass, stating that “no other unit” was involved in the project. But after a few hours it was Denied by the Kremlin. He was the official spokesperson for the Presidency of the Republic previously, Dmitry PeskovTo deny the occupation of Solidar announced by Prigogine: “Let’s wait, let’s not rush, wait for official statements,” he said. To point out then that even if there was an assurance, the victory would simply be “a tactical success achieved when we achieve the objectives set by the commander-in-chief”. Putin already. The Ministry of Defense explained that the “highest level of military command” scheduled for the operation in Ukraine was due to “expansion of tasks” and the need to coordinate not only actions in the field but also “logistical support” of the forces. Surovikin, who is the commander of the Air Force, will serve as Gerasimov’s deputy, along with the commander of the ground forces. Oleg Salyukov And the general Alexi Kim.

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One in place for Solidar’s control Bakhmutabout fifteen kilometers away The ‘bloodiest’ battleSecond Mykhailo PodolyakAdviser to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. And Kyiv confirms that it is already resisting and appealing, saying that it is confident in its ability to force the Russians to withdraw from its territory, provided that it supplies NATO with weapons that it has so far refused to put at Ukraine’s disposal, for fear of direct involvement in the conflict. He said in an interview with the newspaperafp Podolyak said he was convinced that in this case Kyiv would win by next fall. If Western countries supply these missiles, the Ukrainians will undertake not to use them to attack Russia.


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