The ground that makes Merkel shudder: the right flies into the polls

A “wall of fire” against the AfD. Consequently, Sylvia Briher, vice president of the Christian Democratic Union, has ruled out any kind of government agreements with the far-right in the country. Sassonia Anhalt. In this tiny land in the former German Democratic Republic, one of the poorest countries in Germany, a vote will take place on June 6. This is a real test before the September 26 federal election. Until a few days ago, polls gave valueAfD First party in the region with 26 percent of the vote. So in 2016, when the sovereign party got 24 percent, to observers It was a protest voteDue to discontent with Angela Merkel’s “open doors” policy, at least one in three voters, according to polls, would be prepared today to confirm his choice.

Not a small problem for CDU, which will find itself in a real confrontation with right Radicalization, which can even emerge from defeat. If expectations are confirmed, in fact, Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats will have to ally with the Social Democrats, the Greens and even the Liberals of the Liberal Democratic Party to govern, if they manage to cross the 5 per cent threshold. In short, a diverse majority at the very least will be forced into childbirth in order to oppose the alternative. A situation that, according to observers, could also be repeated at the federal level, with an unprecedented tripartite alliance, if Große Koalition failed to reach a majority in the Bundestag.

In the former East German land where about 2 million people live, the AfD, but also the far left LeaveIn, we refer to the historical resentment towards the wealthy western lands, as factories were relocated after the reunification and attracted thousands of young people. Not surprisingly, he points out Italy correspondent Oggi From Berlin, the electoral slogan for both the right and the left was “Stop Wissis,” meaning West Germans. The proposals are different, of course. The Alternative for Germany, for example, proposes support Births By giving a cash prize to newborn Germans. The demographic question, in fact, is one of the main challenges in this land, along with the migration of young people to the western federal states.

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Specifically to counter the rise of the AfD, at the national level, the CDU’s Spitzkandat, Armin Laschet, is focusing on the right-wing led by Frederick Mears and the current of former Home Services chief Hans-George Massen. But according to the Undersecretary for the Economy in Charge of the Eastern Regions, Marco Wadroitz, most of those who vote for the AfD, at least in Eastern land, It is no longer refundable.“We have to do – he said, Quoted from La Stampa – With people who were formed during the era of dictatorship and did not reach democracy even after thirty years.. The truth is that the Christian Democrats in Saxony-Anhalt lose 4.6 percent compared to 2016, despite the efforts of provincial Prime Minister Rainer Haslöf.

To double the consensus on Earth, however, is too gave That would amount to 11 percent. Linke also earns 3 points, up to 13 percent, while the Liberals quote around 8 points. Nationwide, on the contrary, the Gronins are losing support due to the slips committed by the leaders of the two parties, Annalina Burbock and Robert Habick. The first was at the center of the debate over the late-reported parliamentary income that entrepreneurs disliked. The second recently proposed arming Ukraine against Moscow. And select “defensive weapons.” But he failed to avert a scandal from his peaceful voters.

The Greens declare in opinion polls the CDU-CSU party, at the top by 26 percent, while Burbank will collapse to 22. The Social Democrats are third in the polls, with 15 percent, followed by the Liberals. Cent and from the alternative to Germany, until 11.

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