Why is Kim Jong Un getting thinner?

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un appeared thinner in pictures broadcast by state network KCTV that showed him in Pyongyang, as he participated in Youth Day. And at the ceremony, which took place yesterday, Kim, 37, appeared in a white jacket loose around her neck and wide at the hips surrounded by people who wanted to greet him.

North Korea’s KCNA news agency published photos taken with some young ex-prisoners whom Kim urged them to become a “spark” for national development, committed to working in “difficult and difficult sectors”. The leader, as we read in the report released today, “carried each of the young people who volunteered to work in difficult and challenging sectors with great awareness and enthusiasm to glorify their youth.” Those young people, who “behind the others, realized the gratitude of the Labor Party and the socialist system that embraced and nurtured them, and volunteered to work in the most difficult and demanding places.”

Fearing that they are being overexposed to foreign cultures, North Korea has stepped up its efforts in ideological education, especially among young people, and passed a law at the end of 2020 to toughen penalties for possession of videos made in South Korea or abroad. .

At the beginning of July, intelligence in Seoul (Nice) estimated the North Korean leader’s loss between 10 and 20 kilograms, excluding hypotheses related to health problems. Which was relaunched not long ago, on June 28, when KCTV broadcast an extraordinary interview with a resident of the capital in which he said that “the sight of the gaunt respected general breaks our hearts.” For observers, a leader’s diet could be more related to reasons for publicity, engagement and proximity to people facing challenges such as the food and economic crisis, exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, missile sanctions and nuclear unrest.

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