Algeria, nearly 200 people got drunk after swimming in the Mediterranean:

Same Two hundred drunk people After swimming in the sea. It happened in Algeria, a you got, in which 178 people, including rescuers from civil protection, were hospitalized lung infections التهاب Also accused, according to what was reported by the governor of Chlef, green hexagonAnd the nauseaAnd the temperature e eye redness. Teams of divers were sent to the scene to search for toxic discharge ال.

However, the causes of this mass poisoning are not yet known: inhale the gas that spread quickly thanks to the winds that blew on Sunday afternoon,” the local health director explained, Nasreddin Ben CartaliaQuoted from the official agency Aps. On the other hand, the governor considered that the reason has to do with boat spill off the coast of Tennessee.” According to the information site An-Nahar onlineIt’s a flagged merchant ship Tanzania, The Barhoum IIsail from port Seven in the south France.

But there is also another hypothesis that is being examined by those trying to reconstruct the events that led to the poisoning: Prof. Reza Jabbar, from the Faculty of Biological Sciences at the University of Bab Ezzouar in AlgiersToxic microalgae that breed in the Mediterranean when the temperature is high may be the reason behind this infection. In a post on his Facebook page, Reda Jabbar mentioned similar cases Mostaganem, in northwest Algeria, in 2009, and on many other Mediterranean beaches.

Source Sunrise TV He explained that three beaches on the coast of Tennessee were closed to the public and samples were taken for seawater analysis. news agency Tsa Reports indicate that as a precaution, the order was issued to shut down the Tennessee desalination plant.

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