After more than sixty years the era of Castro- is over

Cuba ends Castro era, 62 years after the victorious entry of Barbodos Avana. L’89enne Ral Retired He leaves politics formally. Advertisement scheduled for Friday, at the opening of the Eighth Congress of the Communist Party, when RAL II EternalAnd, on the contrary, stayed in the shade as much as possible Brother Fidel Even after the stay Just in drivingThree years after his departure, he will resign from the position of the Chinese Communist Party Chairman That the state.

And if Ral has never been so charismatic and ubiquitous as his older brother and Alder Maximo Fidel – I don’t like appearing in public, except when necessary, he once admitted – The man who long dominated the country, sixty-year-old Miguel Daz-Canel, was less than that. The Designated successor Also at the top of the party, but between the dominoes in Parque Central de la Habana Vieja – One of the few places for free discussion of the Palazzo’s underground movements There are rumors that the struggle for leadership could begin in the coming months. Or, suppressing opposition may be more difficult to remove any illusion of getting rid of the testicle.

After self-retirement of ailing Fidel, now, in 2008, and even after his death in November 2016, many things have already happened in Cuba. Ral allowed the use of cell phones and computers: today nearly 60% of Cubans have access to the Internet, although the streak remains weak. He canceled exit visas abroad, restored diplomatic relations with the United States, and shook hands with Barack Obama, welcoming him to Havana. Above all, it began economic liberalization, legalizing private entrepreneurship and opening borders to foreign investment and even Maliken’s fashion shows. There was no alternative after the fall of the Soviet Union. But I was not chosen to return capitalism to Cuba, as Rall warned in 2013, announcing the stages of his gradual retirement: I was elected to defend socialism and continue to master it.

It must be recognized that he, the leader of realized socialism, wisely ran the fragile mix of economic reforms and state leadership, giving the shoulder to the rule of old age. It also appeared close to easing US sanctions, but with Trump the détente has stalled. We’ll see what happens with Biden, who has made it clear that he does not consider Cuba a priority.

This year the Daz-Canel government initiated new reforms, opening more opportunities for individuals. But the repression against domestic opposition has not diminished. rather. The Chinese Communist Party has promised an iron fist against ideological political subversion on social media – and appears to be concerned about the success of the Patria y vida music video, a reggaeton emulating the iconic Patria y muerte of Fidel Castro – while the police have ruthlessly handled the recent protests a gathering of artists and intellectuals at Movimiento de San Isidro.

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Someone still sees Ral’s hand, which definitely won’t end Pajama planAs indicated on the island, which is subject to political purges. Its influence will still be strong. If anything, the regime is likely to be gradually demilitarized, to counter the growing economic crisis due to the blockade and the epidemic, which has halted tourism and remittances from abroad. Most of Trump’s 280 sanctions have targeted companies run by generals. If it passes into the hands of civilians, to circumvent sanctions, the balance will also change.

It probably won’t be enough to de-escalate the tension. January’s monetary reform stimulated inflation, and some assets rose 500%, and the increase in the minimum wage did not offset the effects. Waiting lists are back outside stores; Residents snore and listen to Patria y Vida.

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