The government is considering filtering the arrivals from Spain and Portugal - Libero Quotidiano

Worry delta variable So much so that the government is about to launch it new restrictions fight covid. The first rumors are already talking about a decision that will come in the next few hours. The messenger who writes about chains for a certain order Filter arrivals from Spain and PortugalEuropean Union countries where infection is increasing. Countermeasures will likely be the same in the UK: those arriving from London and other British cities (or those who have been there in the last fourteen days) must submit a negative result for a Covid test (molecular or antigen) performed within 48 An hour from entering Italy, staying in solitary confinement for five days and, finally, having an additional swab.

The problem of the Ministry of Health – explains the newspaper – is nevertheless a topic green pass. Yes, because doing so only ten days after its activation would disavow the European instrument that must serve strictly to ensure travel, safely, within the borders of the European Union. A bad thing to peel for Roberto Speranza.

So the minister might think intermediate solutionwhich satisfies both parties. Which? Providing a swab mechanism in addition to a five-day quarantine for those who have not completed the vaccination process and thus granting Preferential lane for the prohibited. Will this really be the case or is it fear for the Indian strain of Covid?


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