Partigit, Boris Johnson denies that he lied, loses his temper and dismisses questions: “nonsense” –

From our correspondent
LONDON – It was Boris Johnson’s last showbut the feeling is that the accomplished actor has now lost his charm: and yesterday may be remembered as the person in whom the former British Prime Minister began to slip inexorably into oblivion.

This afternoon Boris appeared before the committee of deputies dealing with cases of contempt of parliament: Why was the former prime minister accused of misleading the House of Commons when he declared in the chamber that all Covid rules were being respected in Downing Street. This is the latest act of the infamous Partygate, the lockdown-parties scandal at the prime minister’s residence: but what is now in question is Johnson’s behavior before parliament. If he is found to have lied knowing he is lying, he may be suspended as an MP and his political career will be over.

The “interrogation” was broadcast live on television and the House of Representatives TV website was crashed. Boris did not disappoint the public: he resorted to all his skill in oratory and theaterknowing that he is speaking to a much larger audience than a parliamentary committee.

After God and the Bible solemnly swear, Johnson stated, “I am here to tell you, hand in hand, that I have not lied to Parliament. These statements were made in good faith, based on what I knew and believed at the time.

but The commission’s deputies did not allow themselves to ease up and put pressure on him for hours with the pictures of those parties: How was it possible that he did not know that all the rules were broken? Finding himself in trouble, Boris began to get nervous, to raise his voice, to lose the thread, as he delved into the details. Once, after three hours, he lost his temper and called some questions “complete nonsense.”

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But until the end he admitted his innocence. According to him, it was necessary to thank and motivate employees during the pandemic, and therefore those small parties were mainly work events: but when asked if so much alcohol was necessary, he replied calmly that “it is customary in this country to greet people with a toast.”

However, an equally important event took place during a break in the hearing, when MPs voted on the Northern Ireland agreement reached with Brussels at the end of February by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak: Boris spoke out against it, but only once was a small patrol of the rebels (including other former Prime Minister Liz Truss) followed him. like The agreement was passed by referendum: a sign that the Tories have realized their hopes of an electoral comeback against Labour, far ahead in the polls, are now residing in Sunak, the one who speaks little but brings home results, while Boris has had his day. The lights on his show are relentlessly going out.


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