With his money, they pay off their debts, buy a house and a car

Mother and daughter, 58 and 29, were hired to care for a 92-year-old woman at her Florida home, but instead of doing the work I had paid them to do, once they felt the 92-year-old’s utter inability to understand and will, They mocked her mental illness, robbing her of more than $500,000 over the course of two years.

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Houses, cars and debt

They didn’t withdraw money from his checking account, but began using it to make major purchases: first a five-bedroom, four-bathroom, two-car home and used the money to pay off college and credit card debt. But for Diane Durbon and her daughter, Brittany Lucasek, the fraud ended with charges of fraud and misrepresentation, which are highly punishable offenses in the United States.

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Electronic fraud

To set up the scam, the older woman instructed the 92-year-old patient some sentences she should say on the phone to the operator to allow her to transfer a large amount of money that she could use more easily, and the process was repeated, given the ease with which she was able to evade from the bank for several years, before some suspicion stopped the two women.

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