Leipzig. No one in the world has voluntarily signed a super deal with Super Club Bayern Munich. If it weren’t for his name Hansie Flick, he wouldn’t have always felt like he was running into his super undesirable close enemy. A more stress-free and similarly generously offered alternative, Super-Homely DFP. That’s what Flick wanted to do to end the deal. If Bayern bosses put sports director Hassan Salihamidji on the air and did not reconsider their dusty approach to buying and selling players. When dealing with deserving heroes like newcomers and contract extensions / Jerome Bodeng, Flick is not even at the table (congratulations from Fra van der Leyen), neither listening nor listening. Bayern bought players who could not do much of the flick, and sold players who wanted to continue working. As for Flick it must have felt like this: Eat, die or find something new, Hansi! He will. The job of a national coach provides the best work-life balance in the world.


Pep Cardiola was the last coach to be allowed to participate in the team’s program at Bayer. “Diego and no one else …” he said, but even the super-super coach reached its limit, not getting Kevin de Bruyne (still affordable at the time), but Mario Gotze. In the Premier League, managers like Cardiola, Thomas Tuchel and Jர்கrgen Globe are responsible for how football is played and which football players are picked and sent. A model that makes a lot more sense than it was in practice in Munich.

The greatest achievement that flicked in Bayern was, first and foremost, he explained to the men’s stars that he had returned the usual place he had lost under Nico Kovac to club icon Thomas Mller: Friends, quality comes from pain! Under Flick, they ran like rabbits, being attacked and chased before – and thanks to the personal world standards of Manuel Neuer and Robert Lewandowski.

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The fact that he is not a tactical guru like Flick Tuchel or Julian Knucklesman can be seen in a number of goals for Bayern. The fact that the Bayern bosses did not sideline their head coach in the fight with Salihamidzik only allows for two results. First: You should not waste any thought on dividing the powers on the team in favor of the coach. Second, you think flick is affordable. Third, if you want to add, the N-query comes into play. The successor wish list is small and is headed by Julian Knucklesman. He has a contract with Leipzig until 2023, and according to club boss Oliver Mindsloff, his training suit has no price tag. It doesn’t have to be that way. Knucklesman is a tender 33. If he still believes the offer will never come back from his Bavarian homeland, that number will be interesting.

If Knucklesman believes he will never find out about the transfer XY from the newspaper in Bayern, the agitation in this matter is coming. Things get complicated when Nagelsman finally pleads with Munich to let Munich go to Munich. Do you deny that a man sitting in suitcases is a lifelong dream? On the other hand, if he says yes to Knucklesman’s exit, Mindsloff will agree that Bayern will always get what they want. These Bavarians capture the other lifeblood of the competition regardless of life. Many players are in Leipzig because of Knucklesman, and many are coming in the summer.


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