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In their own way I layer within a layer. because in World opinion Vatican fans have advantages that their colleagues often envy in the news, and they are certainly not abused by the company. That’s why, surprisingly, not a little, that Supporters of Vatican Public Television rebelled against the cuts decided by the Viale Mazzini summitWith regard to trips on the occasion of the Pope’s travels, there is no objection to the missions for which every newspaper sends its own correspondent to the Vatican, and not a single correspondent for all opinion. The protest is expressed in a letter addressed to the CEO, Carlo Fortezfor the president Marinella Dolceand to other members of the Board of Directors.

Not only. As the issue appears to be of fundamental importance, Vatican Rai officials have also written to Director General Alberto Matacino, to the Chief of Rai Information Display, Giusepina Paternetti Martello, to the Chief of Rai Vatican, Massimo Mellon, to the Directors of Tg1, Tg2, Tg3, and RaiNews24, and for Information to the CDR in the same newspapers and to the Secretary of Usigrai, Vittorio de Trapani. The letter bears the signature (in alphabetical order) of the opinion journalists accredited to the Holy See Press Office: Stefano Bellardini, Marco Clemente, Luigi Conti, Fania de Luca, Raffaele Fischera, Alessandro Helcher, Ignazio Ingrao, Patricia Sara Nesci and Maria Rita. Pasqualucci, Massimo Benzotti, Enzo Romeo, Marco Sanga. with the message ” Serious concern over Rai’s decision to start a shift in travel for the Pope’s travels. The system of work implemented to date to cover these events is among the most robust and tested. Changing it without an alternative project that allows adequate coverage of each newspaper carries great risks, also in light of important events to come, starting with the Jubilee of 2025.”

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In short, no one wants to stay at home, and no one is willing to work shifts as logic does, having to rationalize costs. No, each separately and the subscriber pays for all. Raï adherents also argue that with the cuts, a “weakening of the commitment of public television in this region” is produced, such as leaving “the field free of other private realities, which are already trying to replace the historical presence of rai, always a privileged partner of the Vatican”. and for this”We consider preventing some of us from traveling to Budapest and Slovakia as a dangerous precedent, following a trend already seen in other radio and television companies, in which today journalists – continue the letter – are reduced to following papal events exclusively in the editorial office and on the computer. Everyone can immediately understand the tremendous added value that a reporter gives in comparison to an editor who has to follow the action from the office. The decision seems more favorable given the low cost of the aforementioned trip and the fact that in these cases Rai gets revenue by showing her images on the Eurovision circuit. We ask ourselves: Given that each newspaper has its own budget, why not let the managers decide, in their autonomy, how to spend it? “. Briefly, Hands off privileges and a proven systemWhere it is not the quality that matters but the quantity. Does a lot of reporters for the same service still make sense? For the Vatican, yes. That is why they have already fired the new senior management.

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