Carole Grandjean, nouvelle ministre déléguée à l’Enseignement et à la formation professionnels.

The Carol Grandjean from Nancy It was announced on Monday that Elizabeth was appointed as Ministerial Representative in Bourne’s second government. He is in charge of Vocational Education and Training under the authority of Oliver Dussopt (Labour) and Bob Ndiaye (Education).

Rapid political rise

Carole Grandjean, first elected MP in 2017 under the banner La République en Marche, was re-elected on 19 June. 1st volume of Meurthe-et-Moselle. He is also a municipal councilor of Nancy, elected on the list of outgoing mayor Laurent Hénard.

The new minister is 39 years old. He was born in the Paris area. She is the daughter of Denis Grandjean, the former deputy mayor of Nancy until 2014, André Rosinot. Before entering the National Assembly, he HR Director in Private sector. It was his father, Denis Grandjean, a former vice-chancellor in charge of urban planning for the city of Nancy under André Rosinot, who said the appointment.Not a casting error” : “It’s an area she knows well, having worked quite a bit with previous ministers on labor law reform and occupational health issues.

He is in his place Philip Gilmourd Logically it should take place in the assembly. “I wish Carole Grandjean the best of luck and am very proud of the possibilities of fulfilling this mandate. It will be complicated, the political situation is complicated. But I can count on Carole Grandjean’s support to ensure continuity.


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