Thriller about Rosberg - The investor leaves the studio in a rage

Former Formula 1 star Nico Rosberg has been misled: In the current “Die Höhle der Löwen” case, the investor has sparked a scandal.Photo: RTL/Bernd Michael Maurer

A flagrant violation of the rules of the game in “The Lion’s Den”? George Koffler felt betrayed and was deeply upset with fellow investor Nico Rosberg. He let himself drift into a spontaneous, mysterious act.

Robert Somer

In fact, everything could have ended harmoniously. This time it was a version of “The Lion’s Den”, which featured lovable, familiar, intelligent, likable and even unexpectedly funny founders. But then George Koffler’s collar exploded. It looked like it had been stung by a wasp. Fighting violently with Nico Rosberg, he jumped out of his chair and left the stage with a red face. Violent scandal and stark contrast to a beloved presentation of a mother-daughter product: Claudia Eckert and her 17-year-old daughter Leslie from Stuttgart just presented their family project “VapoWesp”.

Behind it is a smoking station that can be used to keep pesky wasps away in the garden or on the balcony. And that without any chemicals, but based on an old home remedy. Eckerts lets the ground coffee burn in a stainless steel pot. The smoke is said to scare away wasps and other stinging insects. Even organic perfumes give smoke a pleasant smell. Something round, performed by a very authentic mother-daughter couple!

Kovler does not hesitate: the fastest confirmation in the history of the lion!

George Koffler was excited. He didn’t even wait to see if the hard-working Swabian founders would give more business figures. What the South Tyrolean heard – his request for €75,000 for a 35 per cent stake in a limited company that had not yet been established – was quite enough for him. He rushed forward—and left himself far from the fastest deal-breaker in “Lion’s Den” history.

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He said, “This is Swabian creativity at its finest. This is so compelling, both of you are so compelling.” So far, so good. But then things turned out very differently than Koffler had hoped. The mood of South Tyrol was clearly darkened. What was less due to the fact that Judith Williams and Ralph DeMille also performed similar shows. Koffler suddenly felt a distortion of the competition.

George Koffler (left) and Ralph DeMille reacted with incomprehension and anger when Nico Rosberg became involved in the secret deliberations of "VapoWesp"Intervention of constituent dichotomies.

George Koffler (left) and Ralph DeMille reacted with incomprehension and anger when Nico Rosberg interfered in the secret deliberations of the “VapoWesp” founding duo.Photo: RTL/Bernd Michael Maurer

It was Nico Rosberg who almost ruined the show in the end. At least, the investor, who also liked VapoWesp, but didn’t make a formal bid at first, shook his head with a vaguely spontaneous decision. Furthermore: George Koffler lost all his patience. He lifted himself from his chair, pulled his microphone cable from the folds of his suit and walked out.

Mysterious secret action in the Lion Tunnel

What exactly happened there? It was an extra run for the former Formula 1 world champion, which must have been very upsetting not only for George Koffler. Eckerts had just received confirmation on all three shows – one from Kofler, Williams and Dümmel – when they wanted to pull out briefly for a background consultation, as is usual on Vox. What happened next raised questions: Nico Rosberg suddenly followed the founders into the studio tunnel. He really didn’t lose anything there. His colleagues on the lion seat looked dumbfounded. What plan could Rosberg have drawn up?

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What he heard from the tunnel was not entirely reassuring. “One more second,” Nico Rosberg is heard interrupting the mother-daughter meeting. But the microphones didn’t pick up the rest. The turmoil in the studio increased. “Nico, you don’t make a deal!” Ralph DeMille called out anxiously after him in the tunnel.

Nico Rosberg smiles purposefully and silently

George Koffler was especially angry. Rosberg was charged with additional illegal arrangements. “Did you want to make a deal outside the lion’s den?” Angrily attacked his teammate Rosberg. Then Rosberg teased South Tyrol even more – with a shy smile. He said, “I don’t say.” George Koffler scolded, “I’m really angry about that.” A little later his disappointment was complete. Then, when the founders of “VapoWesp” decided to introduce an automatic double bid – the fourth – then. Judith Williams and Ralph DeMille, who had previously performed on separate shows, spontaneously joined forces. They bought 40 per cent of Eckerts for €75,000.

Did Nico Rosberg suggest considering a double solution when he was in the tunnel? The puzzle is not solved. However, George Koffler completely lost his temper. “You all can slip on my hump first,” he scolded. Nico Rosberg’s interference continues to annoy him. “It’s against the rules of the game,” Koffler said. “You don’t do that!”

Sympathy points for snacking — and for shoes with spikes

It was a hugely ugly end to a show that ended well, at least for the mother-daughter duo. A young couple working for the company “NiceTarts” has already collected many points of sympathy for the family. Product: Completely organic, sugar-free products straight from the freezer. Ralph DeMille cut the deal.

Nils Glago hit the beauty startup “Mijasi”. The skin cream is intended to protect against harmful building light components of computer and mobile phone screens. As a duo, Dagmar Worl and Carsten Machmeyer were awarded a contract to solve the app from Aivy. This includes technology that uses gamification applications to identify personality traits in online applications.

Only professional handyman Wilhelm “Willie” Frank left without a deal. Introduce Nagelschuh-Clogs, which are used on construction sites and for lawn care. However, his show was a real comedic: Willie is not just a cool guy, he has a sense of humor and already belongs to television, as Karsten Machmeyer also noted for the amusement.


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