Germany: European Parliament assistant for the Alternative for Germany party arrested: “He was spying for China”

in Germany Collaborator with MEP Maximilian KrahParty leader Alternative for Germany (AFD) in European electionsThe police arrested him in Dresden on charges Suspected espionage Favor China. According to what appeared, in January 2024, the man repeatedly transferred information about the secret service’s negotiations and decisions to his secret service agent. European ParliamentIt spied on Chinese opposition figures in Germany on behalf of 007 in Beijing. Karah stated that,Spying for a foreign country is a serious accusation“If there had been confirmation, this would have resulted in it.”Immediate termination of the employment relationship“According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, this would be merely a guess aimed at”Discredit and stifle China“.

What happened in Germany?

An assistant to someone who hates so-and-so Jian J.which he is accused of committing Espionage work For China. The Federal Prosecutor believes that the man spied on the Chinese opposition movement on German soil. The alleged client presented himself as laboratory To the German authorities about 10 years ago. However, at the time, he was considered unreliable and a potential double agent for China. G. is considered one of Krah's close associates. When the AfD entered the European Parliament in 2019, he brought J. To his team in Brussels as assistant. Shortly thereafter, J. He saw him on a trip to China and has since worked for Beijing authorities, he said oil.

The Federal Criminal Police Office is now conducting further investigations into the case. He will be represented by Jian J. Now before the investigating judge KarlsruheWho will decide to implement pretrial detention. G. has been a German citizen for many years, but has Chinese roots. As mentioned LandThe man came to Dresden in 2002 as a student and eventually worked as a businessman. He was a temporary member ofSpd. Over the years he is said to have met Maximilian Krah, who was working as a lawyer in Dresden, in connection with setting up a company. Last year, the news portal t online He was the first to report on Krah's suspicious dealings with China, as well as on his assistant Ji and the establishment of China-linked companies and associations. Through his role as Krah's collaborator in the European Parliament, the man was able to access information relating to parliamentary processes which, according to Ard, would be of great value to Chinese intelligence services.

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In the last few hours, back in Germany, Three German citizens They were arrested on charges of spying for Chinese intelligence, about which they allegedly provided information Sensitive technologies Which can be used for military purposes. The main suspect, Thomas R., 59, was allegedly in contact with an employee of the Chinese intelligence service MSS and obtained data on “Innovative technologies that can be used for military purposes“In Germany on his behalf. To this end, R. was enlisting the help of married couple Herwig, 72, and Inna F., 58, who ran a company in Düsseldorf. According to investigators, the company would serve.”As a means of establishing communication and cooperation“With German scientists and researchers. Among other things, there was”Cooperation agreement“With a German university, Der Spiegel identified.

The Alternative for Democracy party's reaction

A spokesman for the Alternative for Germany party said:very Annoying“The news has been broadcast in the last few hours.”Since we do not have more information about this case at the moment, we have to wait for further investigation by the federal prosecutorThe party spokesman explained, quoting: “This morning I learned from the press about the arrest of my colleague Jian Guo. I don't have more information. Spying for a foreign country isSerious accusation. If these allegations are proven true, it will result in immediate termination of employmentKrah said in a statement.

Members of the European Parliament and their collaborators are especially serving our democracy, and there are accusations that go in exactly the opposite direction. We cannot allow this. If suspicions are confirmed, there will be dire consequences“, he wrote in a message on X il Minister of Justice German, Marco Bushman.

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Waiting for more clarity, Germany ended up in the eye of the storm.


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