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Horizon Forbidden West 1.09.1 ​​Update Stealth added an option that allows players to turn off animations for picking up items, greatly speeding things up. As spotted by GamesRadar, the much-needed option was noticed and brought up by Reddit users. Previously, Aloy would slow down and squat to pick up items and loot. By disabling the capture animations, players can now run around the world and simply tap the triangle to grab whatever they want without those pesky short pauses.

How to disable capture animations with Horizon Forbidden West 1.09 Update

In the main game menu, go to Settings, then General, then locate Pickup Animations. Just turn off the feature and voila! But wait there is more. This option also works when Aloy is on a stand and underwater. Those who have played Horizon Forbidden West will know that Aloy tends to freeze under water when picking up objects. Now, everything is instant. This change is not mentioned in the official patch notes, for some reason. However, many players are thrilled about it.

Opinion: Disabling captured animations should be declared as a main feature

Zarmina writes… It’s unclear why Guerrilla Games didn’t mention this change in the official patch notes. It may sound small, but it is actually very important especially when you are searching for collectibles and completing them at 100 percent. Many aspects of Horizon Forbidden West revolve around collecting items, and believe me, the last thing you want is for things to slow down when you’re trying to pick up rocks to distract a machine in a tense situation. Thanks to Reddit users, playing the Platinum Cup is now less time consuming.

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[Source: Reddit via GamesRadar]


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