Microsoft Flight Simulator: With the upcoming update 5, performance will rise!

Microsoft Flight SimulatorIncredible flight simulatorasobu studios, As well known to gamers for its display of realistic graphics almost as for its requirements regarding PC configurations, we learn more about the upcoming update 5. It’s during a Q&A session at Neighborhood Certainly Twitch With game developers we learn that The title has undergone several performance improvements. Fasten your seat belts, because the earning promises to be impressive!

” we’ve got Rewrite or improve many parts of the game engine and architecture, in order to For maximum simulation performance, and to reduce resources, memory or even bandwidth impact “explain Sebastian and Loch of 3:15.

The demonstration begins with an overview of Manhattan in the current version of the title. Parameters are set to Ultra, in 4K with 40% rendering scale, everything runs at ~35fps on a file-based configuration i7-9700k and RTX 2060. In this version, files . are uploaded CPU is 100% GPU Only 75% is used and the RAM occupies 24 GB, which is far from optimal. Sebastian and Loch explain that recently the developers have done a lot of work to improve the load CPU And the GPU, In order to release all the possible power of these ingredients and leave GPU They express themselves to their full potential. demonstration Microsoft Flight Simulator Immediately afterwards it continues with the same journey conducted under similar conditions, but in the next fifth version of the game, and The result is final! The fps has taken an amazing leap forward and is now 55 fps, even touching 60 fps sometimes! Then the performance graphs indicate the load CPU By 75%, a GPU It is 100% fully used and the RAM usage drops to 15GB. Promises are kept and performance soars! In terms of virtual reality, Sebastian and Loch announced a positive effect and certainly better than the present. Although he couldn’t quantify them, he roughly estimated the gains. Obviously, results will vary according to their respective configurations.

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The upcoming flights promise to be sunny with a significant reduction in turbulence, enough to delight fans of the franchise and those who are reluctant to set out for fear that their composition is so modest so far.

Book your tickets for July 27, when Microsoft Flight Simulator It will also be released on Xbox Series X | S. If you want to know Microsoft Flight Simulator On console, Xbox Series S is available from €299.00 in Amazon.


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