Searching for an apartment or house in the video: Michel Boujna participates in a visit to the Stéphane Plaza

On Thursday, August 5, 2021, M6 channel broadcast an unprecedented bonus of Looking for an apartment or house. A program marked by the appearance of a famous actor, a surprise to the participants and Stefan Plaza.

Broadcast M6 Unprecedented Premium From Looking for an apartment or house This Thursday, August 5, 2021. Today’s topic was “A New Beginning”, and the truth is, we already say so. Among the nominees, Fanny and Cesar upset viewers with their story. In fact, Hurricane Irma destroyed their home in San Martin. They were captured in this shock. “We found ourselves homeless and refugees in the toilets. Six long hours behind a mattress, where you literally hear your house is flying away, up in the air and you’ve got little ends, two years 10 months and you and your good health You hold on to your mattress because you feel that with every gust of wind you leave, if you let your mattress go“, Details of the father of two children.

Michel Boujena studded

Then, 59-year-old Isabel was finding a place for her dreams. The participant returned to France after the separation after living abroad for many years. So she seeks to gain her independence through her desire to become an owner. She is with her daughter Cleo, who helps her find the perfect apartment or house. But during an inconclusive visit, a surprising guest appeared.

Michel Boujena wished to make a passive visit to the apartment, to the surprise of Isabel and Cleo. After some jokes are made, the nominees leave while the actor waits for his real estate agent at Stéphane Plaza. Apparently the presenter is trying to scare him away to keep this accommodation for his clients. “Neighbors are very annoying. I tell you that, but we are friends. Leave it to me.”trying to negotiate. In any case, this sudden appearance seems to have stunned netizens. “Nah, but Michel Boujna now! He saw the light, and he went home!”He commented on Twitter. It remains to be seen if he acquired the property for his son…

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