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Now Jan Coben is on the trigger

Now Jan Coben is on the trigger

With four episodes on the main evening, Jan Coben introduces himself as the new presenter of Take Me Out.

TVNOW / Robert Greschek

In RTL, one pays attention to good manners at the moment. And so it is part of the fact that the “newbie” introduces himself personally at the right time. I mean Jan Coben. As a presenter, he not only leads the four Take Me Out XXL specials, but has completely replaced comedian Ralph Schmitz and will also star in the dating show’s regular season, which will return to its usual late-night broadcast slot of the fall to be seen to take over. For an extra summer tour, Coben introduces himself to the audience—which is pretty prominent four times on Tuesdays, prime time.

Well-timed: DJ Köppen

Nothing has changed in the concept of wild courtship in three rounds. It is important that a man convince 30 single women of himself and get a date with one of them. A woman has to decide whether she loves a man in principle or not. If not, the woman rings the bell – and is no longer available for a date. It is already clear that with this principle much depends on the entertainment value of the supervisor. It will be interesting to see how cleverly Coben, who in addition to his many moderate tasks is also a sought-after DJ, masters the quick game of sayings. There should also be some surprises in the speed dating process.


Ralph Schmitz has run the dating show since 2013. This is now a thing of the past.

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Photo: TVNOW/Frank Dix

RTL has yet to announce exactly when the new “Take Me Out” season will start. The second “XXL” can be seen on Tuesday, July 20, also at 8.15pm.

Take Me Out XXL – Tuesday, July 13 – RTL: 8.15pm.


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