Family of ten: These characters will have a special character
The series is about to celebrate its 15th anniversary (Image: Instagram / @familiade_10)

Almost 15 years after the first show, Two of the most lovable characters From the TV series family of ten will have a Role Comedy for all ages.

Daniela LoganWho is playing GabyAnd the Ricardo MargalevI remember his role as Plutarch In the series created by the actor Jorge Ortiz de Pinedowill star do you believe?Who will have the cast, according to the member of the program, I laugh.

It was through your account Instagram what or what Margalev broke the news: “recordings”do you believe?‘, a comedy program for the whole family, which We’ll be leading through the hand, Daniela Logan and your team really, that’s a great cast that made up. It would be great”.

In addition to, He asked his followers to watch the news Exit this new venture.

Pltarco and Gaby will have a branch (Photo: Instagram / @familiade_10)
Pltarco and Gaby will have a branch (Photo: Instagram / @familiade_10)

“Send your blessings, your good sentiments, so that the day will be The start of something very cool that we want to offer to all of you”, concluded the actor with joy and emotion.

On her part, the actress and Tadao Bonavides, who plays their son, confirmed their engagement Through various pictures in which they showed the beginning of the recordings and showed their symbolic appearances such as Gaby and Ajolotito, which aroused the astonishment and emotion among their fans.

It is worth noting that during the month of December 2021, Daniela Logan has announced that she is leaving the seventh and final season of family of ten.

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“But is your series coming? they will Role Only from Gabi and Plutarco“, “Do not go! I mean for a class yes but not forever”, “I cried a lot”, “This was the beginning of the end”, They ruined the seriesSome of the comments of social network users before the news.

After Luján left the programme, there was speculation of a breakup (Image: Intagram/@familiade_10)
After Luján left the programme, there was speculation of a breakup (Image: Intagram/@familiade_10)

at that time It has already been speculated that a new single series is in the works for the aforementioned characters.

On the other hand, after breach of obligation Christian Nodal y Belindathe actress was mentioned in various memes circulated in networks due to the alleged rivalry between the singer and the protagonist. clarita light.

It all started during the children’s TV series Sidekicks to the rescue From Televisa, which premiered in 2002 and Belinda served as the hero, having played some Twins named Silvana and Mariana. However, due to changes in production, she decided to abandon the project, which Rosie Ocampo resolved by calling an actress Daniel’s diary To take the role left by the Spanish singer.

Daniela Logan was mentioned by social media users after Nodal and Belinda's breakup (Image: Twitter)
Daniela Logan was mentioned by social media users after Nodal and Belinda’s breakup (Image: Twitter)

Thus, after the Mexican regional singer announced the end of their relationship, netizens took the opportunity to fill social networks with memes and Among them, some of them stood out as superimposing pictures on the traditional pictures of their ex-partner And they put Luján’s face in place of Belinda.

Faced with this situation, during an interview with come joyDaniela Logan commented on her impression when she saw all the jokes she was involved in.

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“Now I’m a meme, there are some things I share that I find very funny. I think it’s also part[…] This aspect of being a public figure and then, obviously, my generation had to live it allUi now it’s a joke and fun.”

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