“I was surprised that the series touches all generations,” says Daphne Patakia.

They are back! fun bandAries, a little-known television object dedicated to the golden age of ophthalmology, returns Monday at 9:10 p.m. on Canal+. The plot begins a year after the events of the first season when Didier Mateur (Melvil Poupaud), the former director of Gepan, the UFO investigation bureau, crosses France aboard a Volkswagen Combi in The Search for new witnesses to unexplained phenomena. For its part, we find Gleefully irresistible Daphné Patakia Lunar Daphné Patakia, a former switchboard operator Cotton candy in the middle of a nuclear power plant… Not enough to bother the singular Vera, the alien to whom Daphné Patakia lends her delicious food, imagination and poetry. (pun) The strange interview with 20 minutes.

Is the success of the first season of “Ovni (s)” an inexplicable phenomenon?

I was surprised by the effect the series had on people and, above all, by the fact that it touched all generations and people with very different looks. I talk to everyone for different reasons. There’s a return to the childhood side we can savor, a benevolent sense of humor, a mix of genres that go from fantasy to comic through comic, plus all the nods to the ’70s people who lived at the time are familiar with.

At first, what did you like about Vera, this somewhat lunar character?

I just love that it is crooked. She believes in everything, nothing seems strange to her. She is very open. She has successfully solved UFO cases because she really cares about people. I love listening to him, his benevolence, his way of communicating with others, his desire to understand. It seemed that all of his senses were constantly being sharpened. She does not judge anything and understands everything. I appreciate his willingness to connect with and instinctively understand others. She has tremendous sympathy, that touches me. His relationship to childhood touches me a lot, too.

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According to you, what makes “Ovni(s)” a bit far in the PAF?

Authors wrote Aries) with sitcom references. I feel it especially when we shoot scenes in Jeban. Meanwhile, the plot is quite complex, which is not the case in sitcoms. There are also a lot of references to SF, A meeting of the third kind to me ET passing by unknown files. Even if you don’t follow the plot, you can enjoy comedy, Thylacine’s music, or Antony Cordier’s winks. [le réalisateur] In the cinema of the ’70s, it is this combination that makes it such a great series.

When do you feel extraterrestrial: when you shoot with a flamingo or a pig?

With a flamingo, it was much more difficult, even if the pig howled a lot! It was too complicated for an audio engineer. I’m not very good at dealing with animals and the experience of photographing with them revealed something. I was very attached to the first piglet, but since he was gaining one kilogram a day, we had to change for a second, just like loving. Flamingos are more independent, and it is difficult to bond with them.

Did you like working in Jeban as your personality?

I think so, I find it very interesting. I plunged into this universe to prepare for the series. Space is a wonderful field. Vera’s post, a kind of Gepan keyboard operator that tries to understand people and bypass logic, great job. Although there is no logical explanation for UFOs, it goes to something that is almost existential. It is very deep even if it does not necessarily seem at first glance. There is a real weakness among those people who ask Gepan for help.

Regarding extraterrestrial life, are you more “exist” or “scientific way”?

I like to tell myself that there is a possibility of extraterrestrial life. Not necessarily in the form of little green men. This is another form of life that exists, I tell myself why not. It seems to me too selfish to think that we are the only ones in the universe and that can scare me. The idea of ​​fantasizing about her suits me well. After that, I am Cartesian.

If, like NASA, you had the possibility to send the “golden record,” a disk containing the sounds and images of Earth, to the limits of the solar system, what would you put it on?

It’s a tough choice! I tend to agree with the list What was set in the golden records. I will personally add the novel heart catcher By JD Salinger, but I’m not sure why. Maybe because he’s a hero who represents human complexity so well. He is really touching and likable, but at the same time, while understanding his psyche, one can doubt his morality.

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Your first contact with comedy?

I used to do theater with my father. Both are Greek. I completed all my education in Greek at a Greek school in Brussels (Belgium). They took care of an amateur band that had a children’s accessory. We offer plays for young audiences. Families came and played…we played with our parents and that was so much fun. The first comic was Women’s Association Aristophanes. Otherwise, I like him too friends. Just to say that I’m a fan of sitcoms, I know some episodes by heart.

You grew up in Belgium, had your teeth cut in Greece, and you work in Paris. As an actress, what do these cultural circles bring to you?

Not sure about the membership issue. In Belgium, I don’t feel Belgian, in Greece, yes, I’m more Greek… But in fact, I think I feel more European.

Not fluent in Klingon, would you rather shoot in French, Greek or Esperanto, this universal language that Vera loves?

I am fortunate enough to be able to speak three languages, and I hope to be able to learn other languages, perhaps Italian. The fact of being able to work in Greece and France…it’s an opportunity. I love being able to overcome the language barrier. I have traveled a lot and would like to immerse myself more in other cultures. Since I do not understand Esperanto, I discovered the freedom not to associate with words. In Greek, my mother tongue, I have a lot of connections, they are tangible, every word for me is like Proust Madeleine. I don’t have that connection in French. It’s funny: when I’m learning a French text, there are often words I don’t know, and I don’t have an emotional memory for them, so there’s a lot of freedom.

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In the movies or on TV, which stars inspire you?

I would love to know Jenna Rowlands! I like his freedom. She’s not afraid, she’s out. while shootingAries, I was afraid to do too much, so I thought of this actress who, even if she’s not into comedy history, isn’t afraid of ridicule. Suddenly, she’s never been and she’s so impressive. This will be my role model.

When you climb the stairs in Cannes to present Paul Verhoeven (“Benedetta”), when you are pre-selected for a César, do you feel like a star or fear your guilt?

I don’t ask myself these questions because they are too scary and too big. I am happy to be a part of the cinematic galaxy. I’m trying to incorporate your puns! I realize every day how lucky I am to be a part of this world – and I hope to continue to be a part of it. Benedita And the Aries They are different things that have nothing to do with each other… I try to delve into these universes every time. It is incredibly rich.

Your future horizon?

Filmed a movie by Lea Messius titled The Five Demonswhich will be released this year. It’s a great movie and I loved shooting with Adèle Exarchopoulos. I really liked her as an actress and found her so generous… I liked her too Ava, the former feature film written by Léa Mysius. We have become good friends, close, and accomplices. His world makes me very happy. What you write, the stories you create, and the way it spins is really interesting. I would also like to find Véra for season 3 ofAries. We know each other very well with the other cast and the whole team. We spent eight months during the two seasons together. Trust has been instilled so that we can go above and beyond and dare to push boundaries. I like to like Vera on her free side. And since the characters we play affected quite a bit on our lives while filming… I was really happy while filming this season!


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