Chikes Rivera takes off her clothes and paints herself blue.

Photo: Alexandre Tamargo. / Getty Images

All the celebrities came out to celebrate Halloween In social networks, the singer of Mexican origin did not want to be left behind. Already in the past months, Chiquis Rivera’s photo She sent a very confident message about her body. So, without fear of anything Chiquis Rivera took off her clothes and painted her entire body blue to look like Mystique, one of the star characters in the X-Men saga.

even in, Chikes Rivera showed what it was like to have the whole process of painting her body blue through the body painting technique, which she obviously had to undress. The character he chose Chiquis Rivera was the beautiful Mystique from X. Menwho also played Halle Berry. There is no doubt that the Mexican regional singer has left all the complexes she felt before.

Just a few days ago she released her video “Anyone”, the video was directed by her boyfriend Emilio Sanchez and at the same time it appears that Chiquis Rivera is riding a motorbike at full speed in very short jackets. As for the subject matter, he’s got him out of Universal Music’s hand and he’s a cumbia, doing his usual shoulder motion and booby-tipped vanity.

Other projects he intends to undertake Chiquis Rivera’s photo Engaged is a show on NBC Universo called “The Best of You”. He will host the upcoming 2021 Radio Awards, and his book “Invincible” promises to reveal various aspects of his daughter’s life Jenny RiveraWho you did not know and probably moved to Miami, because he managed to sell his house in record time.

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