In the United States, Republicans chose Steve Scalise as the new Speaker of the House of Representatives

Steve Scalise is the choice of US Republicans As the new President of the House of Representatives. Nominated by 113 votes to 99 against, the ball will now move to the chamber, with Scalise needing 217 votes to win the role hitherto held by Kevin McCarthy.

Scalise defeated Trump candidate Jim Jordan, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, in the internal race, which was held behind closed doors. This challenge ended with only a few votes in favor of Scalise, which confirms the division within the American Republican Party.

Scalise’s first statements

Among the first comments Scalise made to the press after his appointment was to point out his first possible decision “would be to make clear that we are on the side of Israel.” Scalise then said that if elected, he hopes to meet with President Joe Biden to discuss the U.S.-Mexico border because you can’t have an “insecure border.”

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