Coldplay: regala color y amor eterno

bad play Fulfill the dreams of thousands of people by presenting an ecological and inclusive show, filled with an explosion of colour, fireworks, fire and sweets, where he also sang “Eternal Love”, a theme John Gabriel.

One of the cinema’s iconic themes was “Flying theme,” the soundtrack to ET The extraterrestrial, which accompanied the band’s departure, who first walked across a fence to greet their fans before going up on stage.

The explosion of colors and fireworks started from the first chord of the show with “Music of Balls” and “Higher Power”, where thousands of colored paper pieces were thrown, causing the audience to go crazy.

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Meanwhile, in the movie “Adventure of the life,” they threw colored balls at people who moved them from side to side, so they grabbed them to take as a souvenir.

“Hello friends” were the first words in Spanish Chris Martinvocalist.

Continuing in ‘Heaven’, ‘Charlie Brown’ made the floor of the venue shake with leaps that all of his fans passionately gave.

With “The World,” Martin had to stop singing to give the microphone to his entire audience, until the moment he stopped the song to continue speaking Spanish.

“I’m sorry for my Spanish, but we have to say we are very grateful and happy to be with you in Mexico City, let’s sing together please,” he said before finishing his song.

The adrenaline was unleashed when “Viva la vida” started, but due to a small technical issue it had to stop.

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“Sorry, sorry, I already know my mistake,” the singer said while fixing the problem.

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The singer thanked her audience. They had six years without coming.

Two minutes later, the show with “Viva la vida” continued without interruption, which prompted 65 thousand people to applaud them incessantly.

“Thank you, thank you,” Chris was saying all the time in Spanish, which made his fans happy.

The evening continued with topics such as “Hymn of the week“,” At My Place” and the long-awaited “Yellow” made the whole place light up in yellow with electronic bracelets distributed at the entrance.

Many shed tears of emotion and seeing the band’s dedication on stage, especially when Chris took the Mexican flag and put it on his pants to thank his fans.

In “The Hours,” the band was placed on a laser light show.

The phrase “You saved my life,” “You made my dreams come true,” can be read on some of the posters that some fans waved loudly in the hopes the singer would see.

When interpreting “A sky full stars,” Martin stopped the party because he saw half a bad fan.

When he was sure he was fine, he said, “Okay, we’ll stop Displays Because I want to ask you to put your phones away, please, for at least four minutes, enjoy the show with your heart and soul.”

“Thank you to everyone who is here in the stands, for being here and for everything you had to do to be here, traffic, covid, thank you very much,” he said in English. And he began to sing “Don’t panic or orphans.”

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The English group selected 4 presentations at Foro Sol, as part of their tour; April 3, 4, 6 and 7

65 in attendance at Milla Foro Sole to watch the British band, during their premiere, this Sunday.

Chris Martin
“Sorry for my Spanish, but we have to say we are very grateful and happy to be with you”


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