Great Britain, amputation due to sepsis: 35-year-old mother talks about her ordeal on social media

The nightmare began at Christmas

– It all started on Christmas Day 2021, when the woman went to the hospital with severe back pain. The doctors had thought about a kidney disorder and sent her home thinking the situation was not serious. In fact, Sadie returned to the hospital the next day always with excruciating pain and at this point the diagnosis was much more serious: septic shock. In practice, his body was taken over by a general infection that could damage many organs.

Necrosis and coma

– Necrosis was found in the limbs that were subsequently amputated, and the woman fell into a coma. The surgeries took place between one Peterborough hospital and another in London, in a very long process of pain and suffering. The woman told step by step, with a smile and a good sense of humor, her experience on Tik Tok, always showing a great desire to move forward: for herself, but above all for her two children.

Prosthetics and back to life

The prosthetics are now ready for you, allowing you to regain the functions you lost with amputations. The 35-year-old told British media: “I’m a medical miracle. I still struggle to believe that all this happened to me. My two adorable children.”

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