Florian Kainz vom 1. FC Köln

With the last shot of the game, the world has never seen anything like this, at least not in this situation. HSV 1.FC celebrates 5: 4 victory after penalties in cup thriller at Köln – but do not really understand how it came to be. Florian Keynes of Cologne shot himself in the last penalty, not counting the goals. And HSV was in the quarterfinals!

No matter how great the Hamburg celebrations were, the result was strange. For 120 minutes, both teams fought on an equal footing, which remained the same in the penalty shootout. Keynes then went for the last penalty kick, slipping with his left foot and hitting it. The ball flew towards the target, but HSV experts immediately learned of the double touch and complained. Referee Schleger did not recognize the goal.

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A play of luxury. “I have never experienced anything like this, which is an incredible misfortune,” explained HSV coach Tim Walter. Keynes was heartbroken and said in the sky: “Night will not be good. Personally this is a difficult story for me, but I can cope. It will continue.”

It should. To the unfortunate Cain. For Hamburg, too, but with a wide chest in the Cup quarter-finals – unlike the unfortunate Cologne.

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