The green lane only with the third dose of the vaccine.  Israel's Radical Choice - Time

Israel is going a step further than most other countries in its mandatory vaccination campaign. To get the green lane to reach the vast majority of public places, including restaurants, bars and gyms, citizens of the Jewish state will need to receive a third immunization dose of the Covid vaccine.

Israel was one of the first countries to adopt the Pfizer/BioNtech booster injection, given to those at risk (immunocompromised and health workers in particular) as early as July, to pass on to all people over 12 at the end of the day. August. The “booster medicine” has already been administered to about 37% of Israel’s population of 9.4 million, and after this increase in protection, there has been a marked decrease in both infection and hospitalization. Daily injuries decreased from about 10,000 last month to about 4,000 today. And now we’re moving on to get more and more people to take the third dose.

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