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If Barசாa’s public meeting this Thursday was an opportunity for communities to vote in favor of the 49.9% sale of Barsa licensing merchandising and 25% of the club’s television rights, it was an opportunity for John Labord to speak further. Generally about the sports status of Bluegranos.

Find out the best statements of the Barசாa leader published through the Twitter account “Actualité – Barça”:


“We are about to extend the poem. ⁇

Television rights

“I have refused to pay billions of euros for 100% television rights for 10 years. ⁇

Javier Thieves

“Debas? He changed his attitude and I urge him to continue. We all meet in football. Parsa can manage themselves. I call him. ⁇

Gerard Pique

“Pique has given us a lot and he will continue to give us a lot. I can assure you that he was chosen as a footballer. He knows we are building a new team and we need people who are dedicated.

Lionel Messi

“Messi is in me. This makes me sad, very sad. He deserves eternal recognition for all he has given to Barca. ⁇


Joan LaBorte, who attended Bar பார்a’s general meeting on Thursday, spoke about the Plugrana club’s economic situation, but also about Lionel Messi, Cavi and Gerard Pique. “We hope the economic leverage will bring ்சி 700 million to FC Barcelona,” the Barcelona president specifically declared.


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