Laila Bakhti launches a funny cover of Julie Zenati and keeps a nice surprise for netizens

Laila Bakhti presented on her Instagram account a play whose secret she has on her own. A funny cover that dazzled many celebrities and booked a nice surprise for netizens.

Laila Bakhti is a follower of social networks in which she regularly shares offensive photos to celebrate the birthdays of her famous friends. But Tahir Rahim’s wife, who recently did a touching duet with Grand Corps Malade, also loves to post the song on social media. Finally to fault… these funny songs with his relatives are being questioned by his followers. I once made a fake imitation of under the wind With Jill Lelouch, you did not hesitate to resume work Kings of the world With his girlfriend Geraldine Nacache or to imitate a famous Disney song Aladdin With Jonathan Cohen. Lately, it is Adèle Exarchopoulos, who played the game with cover to love me more.

A nice surprise from Julie Zenati

This time, Laila Bakhti chose to interpret Julie Zenati’s song, if you go out. As usual, the actress made a particularly lively cover of the song, with plenty of facial expressions full of emotion, and feel free to grab something to show off the mic. “Wednesday, it’s JulieShe suspended her video. This highly successful tradition of the singer was reinforced by the beautiful surprise that the actress kept for her audience at the end of the line. Julie Zenati, in person, accidentally passed her impersonator bathroom todayHe looks at himself in the mirror and grabs a towel, passing by. Laila Bakhti did not elaborate on the circumstances of this beautiful meeting, which, in any case, became a web a lot.

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Star friends under the influence of magic

This new post did not fail to impress many personalities. “This talent ball is the little one! We want you in the Balltard!” , Underlined by Camille Compal, referring to the new star. “I’m on the ground, Camille Loach said clearly impressed with the transformation. “I can’t get up anymore”, Bid on Sonia Roland with smileys. As for her partner Geraldine Naccache, she did not beat the title performer. “I really love you”Louane Emera was released under the influence of magic, when Audrey Lamy was satisfied with smileys.


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