With David Ospina as the starting player and the least beaten barrier, Napoli have solidified as the undefeated leader of Serie A

Napoli beat Bologna 3-0 on Thursday, October 28, and with this victory the team David Ospina has established himself as the undefeated leader of Serie A with 28 points alongside AC Milan.

With 28 points and a goal difference of +19, Napoli regained first place in the tenth round of the 2021/22 Serie A season. Nine wins and a draw form the cover letter to think about taking the title at Calcium and continuing to max out on par in the UEFA Europa League.

For his part, the Colombian goalkeeper David Ospina has completed six of his eight matches with a goal unbeaten, which translates to 647 minutes without conceding a goal. The last time they scored it was in a 2-1 win over Fiorentina on the 7th of Serie A.

Since then, David has kept his fence undefeated against Udinese, Sampdoria and Cagliari for the remainder of September. Against Fiorentina they scored him on the 3rd of October and In the triple elimination with Colombia, neither the Uruguayans, the Brazilians nor the Ecuadorians were able to score..

After his appearance with Napoli, Ospina’s team beat Torino 1-0 and then saved in a 0-0 draw against Roma.

Now, thanks to the impressive performances in attack by his teammates Fabian Ruiz and Lorenzo Insigne, Napoli endorsed his candidacy for the leadership that has not been able to lift the title since the 1989/90 season when Diego Armando Maradona was at the club..

It was this development of the game that gave Napoli the three points and the lead

The first goal was to introduce Spaniard Fabian Ruiz to luxury. A left-footed shot from a corner kick in the 17th minute of the match opened the account for the locals, who imposed conditions to prevent Bologna from reaching the goal. David Ospina’s constant onslaught meant that Antiochino didn’t have to ask for much compared to matches with higher level competitors..

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Total, Against Ospina’s goal, Bologna players fired eight times, only one of which was headed for the goal. With 65% of possession by Napoli, the captain has shown why the conditions are in place to be champion this season.

Three touchdowns in an hour made things easier for Ospina. Lorenzo Insigne was responsible for converting the score 2-0 in the 41st minute from a penalty kick after reviewing the VAR by hand inside Gary Medel’s Chilean area.

Already in the 62nd minute of the match, the Napolitans ruled to win 3-0 with another penalty kick by Insigne.. The few kicks that reached the goalkeeper of the Colombian national team made them pass from afar. Until the 85th minute, he only cleared the first direct goal, while blocking the close kick from a free kick from Riccardo Orsolini.

In the regular season of Serie A, Medellin completed eight games as a start and this was the sixth without conceding a goal. His team conceded only three goals in the entire seasonThe most recent was on 3 October in a 2-1 away win over Fiorentina. Argentinian defender Lucas Martinez-Quarta scored the score with a right-footed shot.

In the meantime, he will face Napoli on Sunday, October 31, on the 11th, penultimate date of the tournament, Salernitana. Calcium’s game history appears to indicate that Ospina will start on coach Luciano Spalletti’s payroll, ahead of Italian Alex Meret.

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