“Leave together for greener pastures”

a Cowboys And for him horse They died, both of them were infected with b Lightning which hit them all while the man was examining the cattle on his farm. L ‘incident It took place in a rural area of Nebraska And the victim, a highly respected professional in his specialty, was only 27 years old.

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Struck by lightning, he died along with the horse

Terrel Vineyard, 27, was on horseback when he was struck by lightning June 21 at his farm in North Oshkosh. When rescuers arrived, they could do nothing but ascertain that he was dead, the cause of which was also confirmed by an autopsy. Vineyard leaves behind three young girls and a wife, whom he married earlier this year.

The woman thanked those who showed her closeness to her after the tragedy via a post on Facebook: “On June 27, 2023 we buried our husband, son and brother,” she wrote. “It was really comforting to receive the love that was shown to Terrell and all of us.”

Who was he

The young athlete grew up on a farm in Nebraska and learned to tie cattle at the age of six. He attended Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne, Wyoming with the help of a rodeo scholarship. After school, he and his mare at the time, Shorty, qualified three times for the World Team Ropes Championships in Las Vegas. The horse Dose, which he was riding on June 21 and who died with him, was purchased a few years ago: “They left together for greener pastures—Terrel with rope in hand,” reads a fundraising page the family set up on GoFundMe.

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