Qatargate, Panziri, Kylie and Georgi are still in prison.  Electronic monitoring of Figà-Talamanca.  Greek media:

Three of the four suspects in the scandal Qatari bribes in European Union They will stay in prison. This was decided by the judges of the Council Chamber of the Brussels Court at the end of the first session in Qatargate. Former Socialist Member of the European Parliament and head of the NGO remains in prison for a month Fight impunityAnd the Antonio Panziriconsidered by investigators to be the great operator of Bribes round It was distributed by the Gulf emirate, which led to allegations criminal associationAnd the corruption And the Recycling Transfer by a federal prosecutor.

Like him, he is still under arrest Francesco Giorgihis former assistant and now in the office of the Pd MEP, Andrew CozzolinoComrade and former Vice-President of the Parliament of the European Union, Eva Kylie. The latter, however, is still in prison after he requested and obtained delay spontaneously on December 22nd. Released, but below Electronic monitoringAnd the Nicolo Vega TalamancaGeneral Secretary L There is no peace without justice. If submitted within 24 hours appeal Against this decision, the people involved will appear within fifteen days Before the indictment at the Brussels Court of Appeal, ”the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office reported.

According to rumors reported by Greek radio Mega TVAs reported by the German press, Belgian investigators investigating the alleged corruption network by Qatar will be in their sights. More than 60 members of the European Parliamentmost of which belong to the group Socialists and Democratsto me European People’s Party he’s at “left extremities”. bring it back Meanwhile, Belgian investigators have taken this approach.Follow the moneyFollow the money. because they are Reserved banknotes by agents, totaling approx 1.5 million eurosto pave the way that will lead them to understanding who has received them materially Qatar. Part of the seized money was written in the homes of Panziri, Georgi and Kayli, and in a baby carriage belonging to the father of the former European Parliament vice-president. le braceletthey were pick up of banks in European country. Information of fundamental importance because through investigations and insights it will be possible to trace the current account and the identity of the person who made the withdrawal.

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The ongoing investigation of the banknotes arose from the fact that many of these notes, now in the possession of the judiciary, appear to be the new, still wrapped in plastic, thus from an establishment. When analyzing it, it will also be possible to find a file Fingerprintshoping that these will match the defendants and other persons involved in the Qatari bribery scandal against members of the European Parliament yesterday and today, and aides and members of NGOs who disturbed European Parliament. One of the hypotheses that the Belgian judges are working on is that there may be some MEPs ‘on the payroll’ in favor of the emirate. On the order of a European investigation, the magistrates of Milan in recent days have ordered a series of searches conducted by him Finance guard.

However, the investigations will take a few weeks, while investigations with the main accused, for various reasons, are still ongoing. corruption And the Money laundering. Including Giorgi, who was considered the “great maneuver”, and according to various media exposures, “swelling, gushing” With the investigators, to whom he was going to give new details. Although rebuilt from printingWill takes full responsibility for what happened, claiming that partner Kylie had nothing to do with the case. and Cozzolino himself Self comment In the morning by group Socialists and Democrats To the European Parliament, after he resigned in recent days from the post of Emergency Training Coordinator.


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