Twenty-three departments under surveillance, the fall in the size of shopping malls, are closed on the weekends of Pass-de-Calais … Prime Minister Jean Costex on Thursday evening announced several measures to strengthen the fight against Govt-19, while promising to vaccinate 20 million. Its purpose: to control infection without redefining. More than 3,600 people with Kovit were treated in intensive care on Thursday, the highest since last November.

Elsewhere in the world, the epidemic continues, killing at least 2.56 million people. The United States has the highest number of deaths so far with 520,080, followed by Brazil (260,970), Mexico (188,044), India (157,435) and the United Kingdom (123,783).

Information to remember

> Pass-de-Calais is packed all weekend

> Extra budget in Germany against epidemic

> US returns to pollution level in October

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> China sets GDP growth target

Its prime minister, Li Keqiang, told the Chinese parliament that the world’s second-largest economy aims to boost GDP “by more than 6%” this year. Beijing is concerned about the appearance of a real estate bubble and wants to control debt.

> Germany lists 10,580 new cases

The number of confirmed cases has risen to 2,482,522, according to the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases (RKI). It also reported 264 additional deaths, bringing the total number of deaths in Germany to 71,504 since the outbreak.

> USA: Less than 40,000 cases in 24 hours, since October

After raising nearly 300,000 cases in the 24 hours recorded on January 8, the number of daily infections has returned to its Halloween, Thanksgiving and other holiday periods, which is similar to many trips across the country and the virus has spread. Another encouraging sign in a country completely devastated by the epidemic: the weekly average of mortality and hospitalization is clearly declining.

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The vaccination campaign that began in December across the Atlantic is now in full swing with three approved vaccines: Pfizer / Bioentech Alliance, Moderna and a few days later, Johnson & Johnson, the first injection began on Tuesday. And the number of people vaccinated is higher than the number of cases reported in the country since the onset of the epidemic.

However, President Joe Biden issued a cautious call and stood up against the deregulation in some states, which was considered a prelude by key federal health officials. Texas announced on Tuesday that it would wear a mandatory mask and reopen “100%” businesses as of next week. Mississippi made a similar choice Wednesday.

> California allocates 40% of its vaccines to the most disadvantaged

The move is aimed at vaccinating 400,000 people over the next two weeks, targeting areas identified as having the lowest health index in the state. The home immunization rate, which earns more than $ 120,000 a year, is now twice that of most vulnerable Californians.

> Germany: Extra budget needed to deal with the impact of the epidemic

The announcement came after Social Democrat Finance Minister Olaf Scholes said the current plan for a new loan of 180 billion euros this year would not be enough to support Europe’s main economy. Olaf Scholes declined to release specific sums. He will present the draft budget on March 24.

> Ireland is investigating possible birth cases related to the corona virus

Ronan Clin, deputy chief medical officer of the Republic, pointed out that “four preliminary reports of possible births associated with a disease known as ‘govt placenta’ have been sent to authorities. Gave birth.

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> Italy postpones municipal elections in major cities

The scheduled municipal elections in several major cities, including Rome, Milan, Turin and Naples, will take place from September 15 to October 15, but not from April 15 to June 15, as originally planned. A regional election in Calabria will also be postponed. No new date has been announced yet.

> A France accelerates vaccination and regulates new regulations

The Prime Minister presented the vaccination schedule on Thursday. Ten million French people will be vaccinated in mid-April, doubling next month – with more than 50 volunteers. “By summer, we would have had enough to vaccinate 30 million people or two-thirds of the population over the age of 18,” he promised.

Jean Costex also confirmed that the weekend prison term had been extended to Boss-de-Galis. Those three additional fields – the Hots-Alps, Aisne, and Abe – remained undefined and vigilant. Vaccination will be expedited in these 23 sectors with caution, he said.


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