The Ministry of Education, with a notification dated October 21, 2021, informed that the “Declaration of priority achievement within the 2 GPS range” according to Art. 4 of ministerial decision n. 51 dated March 5, 2021. Also in the application box is a guide with instructions for filling out the form.

The application relates to subjects included in the second level of the Global Positioning System (GPS) and in the corresponding school rankings, who have received the qualification and / or title of specialty on support.

By virtue of the qualifications obtained in this period when applications for inclusion in the ranking are not open, interested teachers can
Apply for absolute precedence, in assigning second-level GPS and third-level alternatives to school rankings for the corresponding competition categories or support venues.

Note: Priority applications must be sent to the same district as the district receiving the application for inclusion in the GPS second-class and relevant third-tier school rankings, valid for two years 2020/22.

Candidates may submit an application for inclusion electronically only in Online Instances (POLIS) when in possession of SPID credentials.

Once the applications are received, the territorial districts of the provinces immediately proceed to the evaluation of the applications received.

There is no reassessment of qualifications declared at the time the rating was created.

Teachers not listed in the ranking take precedence in MAD

Teachers who are not included in the classifications referred to in the Ministerial Resolution July 10, 2020, n. 60, who possess a qualification or specialization in Support or Differentiated Methods, Montessori, Pizzigoni, and Agazie shall have priority in waiving fixed-term contracts by requesting availability for relative competition categories, support venues, or the differentiated method, with respect to applicants not holding the above qualifications.

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Supplenze Mad, qualified and experienced teachers take precedence over support



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