The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD Planet Low Décor on Video

Since it looks like we can still allow ourselves a little tour of France this summer, nomadic adventurers are sure to put a well-known portable console in their bags. And as if by blunt fact, here is where the Skyward Sword refills the tip of his sword, just before the crosses.

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Whether you experienced handling the choppy Wii Motion Plus a decade ago, The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD will be Nintendo’s summertime game, just to make us wait (a little bit) until “something specific Breath of the Wild 2` arrives.

blue sky

And since we’ve been forgetting things in a decade, the manufacturer in this new trailer reminds us of a variety of this episode that was a Wii exclusive. : Released at the end of the console’s life, it demonstrated the prowess of action games applied to a large-scale adventure.

Clestrier riding, sword fighting, boat driving and (also) recurring bosses are summoned here, amidst the chaos of activated mechanisms and the other princesses in the process of being rescued. Because for those who forgot it, Skyward Sword is understood as the first chronological episode of the saga, before Hyrule, before the castles, and … before the Covid.

Remember that Nintendo recently (and at length) detailed All improvements Bring Skyward Sword HDRemember, the link will start July 16, Wall Switch.

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