Konami Digital Entertainment BV today showcased a new in-engine trailer for eFootball, the all-new football simulation platform from the makers of PES and Winning Eleven, as part of gamescom 2021. The main focus of the trailer was on showcasing detailed and multiple gameplay features.

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Seitaro Kimura, eFootball Series Producer at Konami Digital Entertainment commented: “With so many changes this year, we feel it is important for people to first understand what our soccer game feels like on the pitch – very realistically and with a clear passion for the real thing in football. Decades of experience in The development of PES and Winning Eleven entered into eFootball with the aim of reaching a large audience of football fans around the world.This is the beginning of a unique journey and we have big plans for the future.

Better control
Players will be able to select the power of their shot as well as their dribbling speed; From shallow kick to sprint – just like in real football. eFootball also uses the PlayStation5 controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive stimuli features to make the differences in different players’ movements noticeable*.

* This feature will be added in a later release update. More information will follow soon.

superiority over defense
With the extended freedom of ball control upon acceptance, every move turns into a mind battle*: a wide range of dribbling and body illusions can be summoned through intuitive controls. This combination ensures that every duel produces exciting moments – for both the attacker and the defender.

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* This feature will be added in a later release update. More information will follow soon.

Conquer the ball and create chances
Players can block their opponents’ shots by anticipating the shot or the pass thus throwing their bodies into the shooting path at the right time. Of course, stealing the ball close to the opponent’s goal can create excellent scoring opportunities.

physical duels
eFootball is reshaping the ‘physical defense’ that is so important in real football with new charging technology when defending. But offensive players can also skillfully use their bodies to keep the ball in their ranks. These functions make both attack and defense more dynamic.

Take a charged shot*
The new option to charge a particularly static shot, along with other completely new gameplay options, makes the game more technical and exciting. Players will be able to perform special techniques such as sharp wings, fast ball passes, and hard-to-avoid shots. These new technologies take longer to implement, so players need to choose the right moments in the game to do so.

* This feature will be added in a later release update. More information will follow soon.

Focus on 1v1 duels
The eFootball development team has analyzed real football tactics to create a new set of 1-on-1 loss/win rules. Using Motion Matching technology, the game evaluates the ball, movement speed, body alignment, physical abilities and more to influence each player’s movement in real time. These ball-lose/ball-win rules work in tandem with player movement to make the overall gaming experience more compelling, including modified wrong decisions.

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Improved multiplayer and new controls
The teams’ unique playing styles are an integral part of football. Therefore, the AI ​​behavior of all non-ball players has been completely renewed. Along with the new attack and defense options, players have more freedom to play the way they want.

New Camera: Duel
When the player is in 1v1 mode, the new “duel” camera gets closer to the action, allowing the player to enjoy 1v1 situations from a shorter distance. When the player has a clear environment, the field of view expands so that the player can play a long pass at the right moment.

General improvements
New ‘Motion Matching’ animation creates noticeably more natural and fluid player movements. In addition, thanks to cooperation with a research institute, the movement of the ball has received further improvements. The improvements are rounded off by a smooth replay system that never interrupts the action during the game.

More information about game modes, licenses, mobile versions, release date, and more will be announced in September.

eFootball comes as a free-to-play title; The premiere will be celebrated worldwide this fall on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Windows 10, Steam, iOS and Android and it will follow shortly.

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