Windows 11 Windows Notepad (Editor) app as all-new preview and in dark mode

As early as October, news leaked that Microsoft is completely redesigning the Notepad app (editor). Now it is currently available as a preview version. Currently only installable for Dev-Insiders.

The app has been adapted to the new design of Windows 11. Nothing reminds of the good old editor anymore. In the settings, the dark mode, the lighting mode, or the system can be set in addition to the fonts. The current version is 11.2110.64.0. The app is not yet available from the store, but it can still be installed. But it will be introduced gradually.

If you are familiar with the developer channel, you can install the app manually. MinVersion version is 10.0.22468.0 in xml file.

  • Either download it here Hi drive (8.3 MB)
  • or From left to right:
  • ProductId | 9msmlrh6lzf3 | almost | Click the check mark
  • Microsoft.WindowsNotepad 11.2110.64.0 8wekyb3d8bbwe.msixbundle download
  • Started in PowerShell as Administrator:
  • Add AppxPackage -Path Paste a space and the copied path of the file behind it and hit Enter.

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