Challenger Edition Introduced - It's Inside

The Challenger version of “Godfall” has just been revealed on the official PlayStation YouTube channel. You can find all the important details and disclosure trailer in this post.

The stolen slasher “Godfall” receives the Challenger Edition. This means that players can expect an extended version that will be made available to PlayStation Plus users for free this month.

What exactly is also included in this edition? According to the description of the reveal trailer, you will have a valuable board of the highest level right from the start, will be equipped with skill points and equipped with several weapons. In fact, players start their adventure with the maximum level if they want to.


This release focuses on the following three end-game modes:

  1. light Bringer: A battle against darkness, in which the player has to survive a number of hordes of opponents. You will receive greater rewards from one department to another. In an epic battle between bosses, you have to erase the darkness forever.
  2. Dream stones: Random encounters will give you unique rewards.
  3. Rising Trials Tower: In search of high quality loot, you have to reach the top of a tower. You have to deal with dangerous major opponents.

Actual campaign is not included. To this end, the quest system has been expanded to include new challenges and legendary rewards. Owners of the main game will also have access to new missions. They also benefit from a free update that contains cosmetic content and offers the option to complete tasks again.

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Because “Godfall” has a co-op mode, you can engage in Valorian battles with up to two friends. PS5 and PS4 players can play together thanks to multi-generational support.

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“Godfall: Challenger Edition” can be downloaded starting December 7 from PlayStation Plus. You can learn more about the rest of the PS Plus games in the article linked above.

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