Mercedes EQ group

The Mercedes EQC, EQV and EQA, drawn closely from the thermal models, presented the EQ “zero exhaust” package at the star’s brand presentation. The EQS large electric sedan, which opens the modular EVA platform that does not accept a combustion engine, represents a new step in Mercedes’ electrification strategy. This architecture will soon serve as the basis for the SUV and can be seen today in its most luxurious version, the Maybach. Its display will allow the Daimler Group to celebrate 100NS The anniversary of the founding of this brand in 1921 It has recently become its most prestigious slogan.

Mercedes’ upcoming EQs are currently being track-tested.

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Wheat handled brilliantly

This first photo of an EQS-SUV allows us to spot very smooth lines with no visible edges, a roof spoiler melted into the tailgate pillars, and horizontal LED taillights running through a chrome ring. The left and right lighting units appear to be associated with an illuminated border as on the rear of the EQS sedan. We also note the two-tone body finish, previously seen on the S-Class and GLS Mayach, with a red stripe along the upper in black reflecting a certain attention to detail. The same proverbs are expected to be improved at home ; On the other hand, the luxury SUV’s size and weight promise anything but thin.

Mercedes EQS
The EQS sedan platform will be taken over by the SUV.
Mercedes Maybach GLS
The EQS will be an electric alternative to the Mercedes-Maybach GLS.

A silent giant is approaching

Combined with the EVA platform, the EQS SUV is expected to take over the powertrain from the sedan of the same name. The Maybach model can be powered by a more powerful engine Of those currently proposed for electric limousines. So far, the offering peaks at 385 kW, or 524 hp with a 107.8 kWh battery, officially giving it a range of 676 km. The Mercedes-Maybach EQS-SUV will be officially revealed at the beginning of September at the 2021 Munich Motor Show. It could still be just a concept car.

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Maybach logo
Maybach turns 100 years old in 2021.


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